Why do people react the way they do?

I like to observe people more lately. I have been observing why humans react the way we do. What is the reason behind it? Why are we like this? What made us like this and different from every other human being. So I have realized there are two types of people out there. One who needs someone when they are low. When they are lonely they need support. someone who cares about them. Someone they can rely upon and Second are those who shut everyone out when they are sad. It can be because of so many reasons. Maybe coz they think sharing their pain will spread it and hurt others too. So they don’t want to spread their pain. They don’t want to become a burden on someone. They choose to suffer alone, sinking in the darkest corners of their mind and when they are done, they turn on the light and gate and allow others to celebrate the light. Decide which kind of are you. I have also noticed that anger is also a reaction behind the sadness. But sadness is not the only reason so I choose not to add this type in this article.

Do share your views on this with me and correct me if I am wrong and yes, what type of people are you? how do you react when you are sad. Feel free to share. 🙂

Shivangi Sharma



close up photography of hand near window
Photo by Renato Mu on Pexels.com

countless nights

never ending fights

left me feeling empty

now who will fill this void?

but i still remember

the good times.

when i was only yours

and you were mine.

feelings of you

and this pain won’t fade away.

would you please push the button

of replay?


We can’t force love.

It happens unexpectedly and shake people’s world. 🙂


If you ever forget the moments we shared..

let me know…

I would love to create the new ones.


With just one glance,

She feeds my soul.

And then,

My soul starts craving for more.💘

Jab Hum Mile💕

Vo mile humse or mukuraye,
Dil me itne jasbaat umde k hum kuch keh bhi na paye.
Ankhe bhigi palke jhuki,
Ye dekh unki saanse ruki.
Tab ehsaas hua unhe apni galti ka,
K naadani me unki dil toota tha kisi ka.
Sharminda itne the vo k kuch keh bhi na paye,
Jab bacha ni kuch kehne-sunne ko toh hum bhi vha se chle aaye.


It’s not like I can’t live without her. It’s just that whenever she is with me, I enjoy happiness. It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy without her. She feeds my soul with whatever I need, whatever I desire. I know I can live without her, but life would be so much better if she stand by my stand. My day worth it if even for once I made her smile. I love Sharing my life with her. Even if i know she is my life, i will take whatever part she’ll chose to give me.

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