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countless nights

never ending fights

left me feeling empty

now who will fill this void?

but i still remember

the good times.

when i was only yours

and you were mine.

feelings of you

and this pain won’t fade away.

would you please push the button

of replay?


Kehne do

Dard mila hai toh sehne do,

Ansu behte h toh inhe behne do.

Ye meri zindagi ise jese chahu mai jiyu,

Log jo kehte hai unhe kehne do.


Sometimes I wish you could use words instead of silence to express your anger. Your silence kills me.

Hum tum

Kuch log pyaar mein hai,

Or kuch hai dard mein.

Magar yha hum sirf tum mein hai,

Or tum sirf mujh mein.

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